Thursday, November 25

Thanksgiving Thursday's the only Thursday in the year we don't have to Work (Raising Hope)

Happy Thanksgiving~! Though I've never internalized Thanksgiving as a holiday I celebrate, when in Rome do as the Romans do so the past few years I have attempted to celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoyed the day off as much as me (OT compensation was not enough to convince me to go in today) as I slept until noon for a full ten hours + :)

I enjoyed some wine and dark chocolate last night so I woke up with a headache (ugh) but given that all I did was organize a little, cross off a few things off my  to do list and updated my blog sale (5 new entries!) I think today's been a success.

Not to mention the reservations we made to this steakhouse downtown :) Last year we went to Marie Callender's and it was alright, but not great, which is how I imagine going out to eat should be like. Plus I love dressing up and I felt sooooo overdressed at Marie Callender's last year. We went to Nick & Stef's, which was tasty, I'm sure their steaks are even better, but I just didn't like the atmosphere much. Our waiter was not the nicest, though I have to admit the manager is wonderful, and the whole set up was like a hotel reception from the 60s (not my favorite era).

H&M knit dress, Romeo & Juliet cardigan, Miss Me 4" heels

I really had planned on just wearing the dress, but I'm glad I brought the cardigan! It was quite chilly in the restaurant, I guess they didn't want men to have to take off their blazers or something...
On my face:
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (honey beige)
Revlon Color Stay foundation
Korrs Bronzing Powder (deep warm)
120 palette: light light yellow as a highlighter, 
sparkly wine red on the lids, 
and glitter dark brown on the corners)
L'oreal Wear Infinite (deep mocha)
Sephora ultra shine gloss (30)
Lavera (organic) mascara
Lavera (organic) eyeliner
I.D. Mineral Veil (translucent)

See how the top of my forehead is darker? ...That does not show w/o flash and I didn't even notice! The reason for that is that I am mixing two foundations together to get a better match ._.;  Haven't mastered it yet...

Enjoy the holidays if you have any! I'm going back to work tomorrow and Saturday ._.;;;


  1. Your lashes look amazing! Are they just naturally long or is it the mascara? :)

    Maybe you should try some higher end foundations to get a better color match? They're more expensive but it might end up being cheaper and better for your skin than having to buy two foundations.


  2. Thanks Amy :) My lashes are long, I guess, but I did feel that the mascara elongated them a little ;P Usually I wear benefit mascara, which adds volume (my preference) but I couldn't find it at the time so I tested out this mascara. Maybe I'll write a review on it and do some serious testing!

    I think I should look into pricier foundations. I was checking out MAC foundations at some point but I think I would have the same problem as with the Maybelline, which offers nice coverage but feels thick on my skin and ultimately breaks me out. Any suggestions?


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