Famous Footwear sells new product: "Confidence"

Have you seen the latest back to school commercials? I haven't watched television from television for years, and I've only been watching it in the hotel because the background noise is pleasant, but lately I've noticed that ads targeting children are shameless.

Specifically, I'm referring to the Famous Footwear "Confidence" ad campaign, wherein a young girl is confident because of her shoes.  So in one of the commercials an elementary aged girl struts through the cafeteria and sets her tray down very assertively at the "popular table". How do I know it's the popular table? There're prettier girls (ouch) who dress in a preppy fashion and give our main character an ugly glare. She sits down and puts her feet up on the table (next to her food tray--ewwww), showing off her "shimmer Converses".  When the "cool kids" see her fashion statement shoes, they nod and smile at the girl, approving her seat choice.  This is labeled a "victory", an easy way to start the school year.

...What does this commercial do and why do I dislike the campaign?  First of all, the saying that clothes make the man is reinforced and imprinted onto little girls. The message is that in order to attain confidence, we need to buy and wear certain shoes.  This undermines any non-materialistic natural confidence you may want to cultivate in a child (or an adult). 

Second of all, the commercial sets out to claim that money can buy popularity or social acceptance.  It's not the clothes she wears, her attitude, or her confidence that buys her "cool status" among the popular, but specifically the brand and make of shoes. As such, the message is that not only do little girls need to buy pricier brands of shoes (ex. Converse, Vans), but they have to have a pair from the latest collection (hence the "shimmer" mention). Way to promote materialism.

Finally, I remember the beginning of school as a time of anxiety, and so I think to profit from the fear of little children,while challenging their sense of confidence, as the worst form of advertising.

 If you haven't seen it yet, watch one of them <a href="">here</a>.


What I wore, but forgot to post.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Polo, Top: Moda International, Leggings: Ed Hardy, Sandals: Fake Chanel

This was me at The Grove maybe a month and a half ago when Fubu (MY NEW PITBULL) was still tiny.
I really like those Jelly sandals that I picked up on a street market on the outskirts of Beijing (because street markets are actually banned). They cost me 15RMB (= $2) and I wanted the red ones (I don't recall why), but only the black and white came in my size.  They were sold by a young girl who was selling off leftover stock from her online shop on Taobao (kind of like a Chinese ebay, but mostly new products).  Later on I went to the market stalls (indoors, hence not banned) and they tried to sell me versions of this that were awful and would've cost me a minimum 25RMB (= $5).

I AM...

I find the And That's Who I Am concept interesting. It reminds me of those clique like things I used to post on Livejournal (remember the journals?) but risk going on forever and annoying your readers with their load time (hence why lj cuts were invented).

Let's see what I can come up with...

To Yobu <3 p="p">
You have NO IDEA how cranky.
The written word, that is.
Life flows, it's not normal to be stagnant.
And that's what's important.
We all are.
If it's good.
I have actually been told I smile too much?
It's called: gullible.
It tends to run away.
Why sacrifice?
No one wants the real answer.
It's so true lol
It's scary.
What's stereotypical about that? Haha.
I value loyalty.
I get stressed easily but I recover quickly as well.
Finland <3 p="p">
I didn't know we still use this term...
Comes with the package ;D
Wouldn't have guessed it huh?
Always have been.
Who isn't?
I like Psychology Today.
Silence can be meaningful.
And I'm misconstrued as fickle.
It's a genuine concern.
You can imagine why.
Like a mule when inflamed.


Regulating my "Wants"

Everyone ought to be aware of the popular discussion of "want" vs "need", wherein we discuss the basic necessities each person is in need of, and the objects we desire.  Obviously, if you are reading this blog, you are probably not very good at limiting your expenses to mere "needs", given that those would be the most basic clothing you could find at Goodwill or Wal-mart (or something). Let's face it, if you had to determine your "needs", they would be minuscule and you would be miserable every time you looked in the mirror. So, the key to happiness (and minimalism) is finding the right balance of "wants" and "needs", wherein you fulfill your "wants" without going overboard and just "wasting" (a big taboo nowadays).

I read an interesting article called "" target="_blank">How to Control your Wants and Impulsive Buying" on 20-something Finance, wherein the author creates a Google spreadsheet for all of his "wants" (such a masculine thing to do...) and then reviews them a while later to see if he still wants it.  It's not a new theory, as I have read several different ways to "hold off on buying" and "revisit the desire", but this is by far the most organized and eye-opening method so far!

...Why is it eye-opening? Imagine if instead of just pointing at things in a magazine, or adding things to your wishlist at a store, you pretended you were creating a "gift registry" for yourself.  You make this grand list of all the things you covet, and then a week, a month, a quarter later you review the list to see if you still want those things. I don't know about you, but I actually created a gift registry when I got engaged and I still don't know why I put those things in the registry back then...I mean really? Do I need a food scale? Have I ever used the digital food scale I got 3 years ago? Of course not. It sits in my kitchen, waiting for the day I decide to put batteries in it and put it to good use....

I imagine it is the same with my ordinary wants, it's just difficult to control impulses so I think that next year I shall do what has been impossible so far:  control my impulse spending.  I will make it a habit to list the things I want, and then see if I still want it after, just like this guy ;D

Look forward to the next post!


Just another Saturday

Leather Jacket: Joe's Jeans, Shirt dress: H&M, Belt: Moschino, Leggings: ?, Shoes: 15RMB China

Went to a school fair during the day, so I dressed ...err...normal enough, and added the Leather jacket when it got chilly.  Yobo combined my pictures into a stamp ^^

Purses: Dooney & Bourke
I have to say, after searching AGES for the right leather jacket I was absolutely ecstatic to finally find this one :D :D Isn't it awesome? Yobo bought it for me~~~~ <3 p="p">


Returned with the Winter's Breeze (OCTOBER FAVORITES)


It's been a while since I have neglected this blog and left it on indefinite hiatus.  I have been thinking about reviving it the entire time I was in Beijing this past year, but I just never got around to it because of the many difficulties that come with Blogger (see CHINA WALL).  Some topics came up that I have recorded (pictures) and that I will discuss in the future. Meanwhile I thought I would start off with a look at the skincare products that have stuck.

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Skin Tone Perfecting Capsules - $25 on Amazon, $20 at Marshalls ($10 on sale at TJMaxx :D)

Now, I picked this up on sale and found it wonderful!  I actually just finished my second bottle so it does go pretty fast.  Each bottle has 37 capsules (5 weeks worth), and the immediate result is a silky smooth finish, kind of like you just primed your skin!  Even Yobo said it makes skin smoother and softer, it also tuned down some of the sun damage we had from the road trip, as well as more recent acne scars!  It's really a great purchase and if you don't believe me check out the test results here!

 L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream - $58 retail, $29 at their outlet

In the end, Yobo and I return to this brand and we've been using it all year.  There was a short break in between when we tried Origins Start Over (again), but found it too heavy. It feels like it doesn't get absorbed right away and that might seem normal if you haven't tried L'occitane's products.

L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm - $38 retail

Just because it comes in a set. I don't actually think it's THAT special.  Well, it does absorb well just like the moisturizer, and it keeps my skin hydrated...

L'Occitane Cleansing Foam - $11 outlet price

I picked this one up randomly during our roadtrip, but this has the same scent that Origins Modern Friction has, and since I love that product (still use it by the way) I felt really at home with this one as well, despite the fact that they're from different brands.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner - $16 full size retail

This was also randomly picked up just because I wanted a toner.  I think it really makes a huge difference in my skin and this one turned out pleasant. If you've been with me, you'll know that normally I go for the cucumber (alcohol free), or the rose if I feel oily, but this one is very gentle, and is perfect for winter months.  In terms of scent the calendula is still my favorite. I got the special edition a few months back and it was pretty good.

Origins Modern Friction - $38.50 full size retail

I still use this, at some point I ran out and didn't purchase it for a few months (while in China), because while I think $40 is too much for a scrub (yes yes, I know it lasts, but still?!) it's even more in China.  Also, they always give this out in gift sets so even the one I'm using now comes from a set I bought while on the road (and that lasts months too).  If you get a set from the outlet you can save tons!

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20 - $40 retail

I just started using this instead of the Shiseido suncare set.  The SPF protection is a little on the low side, and I could use the Immortelle SPF 35 to compensate (it's really difficult to buy though, I think it's been retired), but I think for the winter months this will do.   The formula is awesome, gives you this dewy feeling, but of course the coverage is not very high.  I would say it's less coverage than the Shiseido or the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, if you are familiar with them.

My Ipad actually has all the pictures I want to post, but it's currently not working so I hope the nice people at the apple store know how to fix my ipad without deleting all it's stuff T_T I should have backed it up on icloud before it died (actually I just can't charge it for some reason).