Monday, November 22

Desperate Measures in Desperate Times Blog Sale

I am in need of saving money for a new phone. Mine dies even while charging. o_o;
To do so, I am going to be uploading more and more items to a new blog that I have created. Some items are already up, and I hope that you will take a look at it or subscribe, and tell your friends to check it out.  I need to raise money or I won't be able to afford to buy a new phone without extending my contract, which I do not want to do T_T;

My secondary blog is called Desperate Measures in Desperate Times and will feature everything from useful items like make up, to clothing and purses. It will be updated periodically.

To buy will be as simple as commenting, as all comments will be screened. Please help me out and spread the word.

Thank you so much.

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