Sunday, November 21

a little SOFT on a cold and dreary Saturday

Before yobo got back I got so sick of not shopping (not entirely true, during the three weeks he was away I purchased a vintage wallet--that I haven't shown you yet!) so I made a bulk order (free shipping~~~) from the $15 store. I had planned on ordering with friends, but really? I mean I can find enough items for just me so it's
Romeo & Juliet Double Breasted Army Sweater, Tart leggings, Aldo boots

...These are not great pictures, because...well...I was running late in the morning (as usual), and I figured that with the cloudy/rainy weather it wouldn't make a difference in lighting anyway. Plus I am not going to take outdoor pictures in the rain (anyhoo) so I took these at the end of the day (night).

I'll show you the rest of my bulk order as I wear them, I'm not really into showing you my "hauls", I don't think it means much if I never wear the piece, or end up giving it away (or returning it!). In a nut shell I bought a cardigan, a rabbit fur vest, two sweaters (I thought three but I made a mistake...maybe I need to put in another order...?), a coat, riding paints (I shouldn't have assumed that my weight gain put me at Medium...I regret not getting small) and a pair of heels (which looked so much better in pictures but oh well). It just shows that you should always know the brand before you buy it online, because I don't regret any of my Romeo & Juliet purchases (5 out of 7) since I already know what the quality's like, but I should have done more research on the other two brands.

...I will show you, however, the earrings I'm wearing :) I'm really satisfied with this purchase:
F21 earrings for about $4.50 
I'm wearing the pair on the bottom left.

Oh and if you wondered, it turns out I didn't really like the coat I got by Tulle, I like the color and everything but evidently it doesn't suit me (said yobo). I might go hunting for another one if it gets any colder (it probably will). I want to buy another Miss Sixty coat, but this time in black. I would consider Steve Madden. Perhaps. What do you think? Those Forever 21 coats were nice too...

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