Friday, November 19

Review: Vichy Aqua Thermal Light 24 Hour Hydrating Care

I don't know why, but I am under the impression that I have already blogged a review on this moisturizer about two months ago, but going through my posts I see that I haven't....I must have planned on doing so and then not written it...?

Aqualia Thermal Light Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating Care - Moisturizers
Anyway, since I've been finishing up this moisturizer and am about to begin using a new one I really should get this review going. I purchased this product about two and a half months ago for about $20 at the outlets and it's lasted me this long as my evening moisturizer.

On the website, this lotion retails for $27, and is supposedly for "dry sensitive skin", but using it I feel that it's more suitable for combination or even oily skin.
The summary:
+ light
+ hydrating
+ nice minimal scent
+ price is decent
+ packaging is easy to use. squeezed out most of it already and it's easier than squeezing toothpaste
+ I tend to have dry skin and I didn't end up with dry patches

- maybe too light? as I mentioned, perhaps better for combination skin rather than dry skin
- maybe seasonal? better for summer than winter?
- chemical feel (not used to it anymore)

Would I buy it again? Not for myself, maybe for yobo who has combination skin. I think I prefer a "heavier" moisturizer, like creams instead of "lotion".

Do you find my reviews useful at all?

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