Monday, November 29

For the wasted summer dress

My summer dress was worn a total of two times this summer. Of course this may have something to do with my poor planning skills in that I don't "prepare" for the season like some people do. I kind of forget about the whole thing until I am reminded, and then I buy the closest thing to my ideal or whatever great deal I find. This dress was a pretty good deal, I remember it being about $12 at H&M along with other basics which they claimed they would continue selling but clearly no longer have up on their racks. -_-;

Please ignore the make up-less me. I overslept and was planning on going to class like whatever, but I ended up un-braiding my hair (waviness!) and wearing actual oxfords instead of these pink floral Old Navy sandals that I wear in the house. ;P

H&M summer dress, Old Navy tank top, Cotton On leggings, Romeo & Juliet fishnet sweater ($15!), and belt that no one wanted to buy from me so I'm utilizing again :)
And so today was actually my last lab class, meaning I just have two lectures left on Wednesday and I am DONE! yaaaay~~~ Hopefully I'll actually pass all my classes so that I can get my degree and be done with school for as long as possible :) Or you know, until I feel motivated (again).

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