Sunday, November 28

Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

I mentioned a few times that I would be writing a review on this highly esteemed Estee Lauder product. When I went to Macy's to pick up this sample (we bought a full bottle for my aunt) there were so many people there for the sample that I felt claustrophobic and incredibly lucky to get any at all. I even purchased a few of these tiny samples on Ebay for about $7-12/each, which is not at all a good price given that you can get the full size for about $85 at their website (but if you shop around you can get it for less).
The summary:

+ simple scent
+ goes on like...water
+ blends into skin well (really sinks in)
+ lessened discoloration (I think my skintone is more balanced now)
+ my skin is smoother (I think)

- a little pricey, but then again if I hunt long enough I shouldn't have to spend more than $40 on it (also Macys always has good gift sets)
- very small bottles (comes in 1 oz and 1.7 oz, 0.24 ml samples)
- suspicious color (yellowish clear?)
- scent is an acquired taste

Overall I am planning on buying it  :)

Have you tried this product?
Makeup Alley reviews 4.1/5

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