Tuesday, November 30

My fake perm

My hair's been dry lately. In fact, everything's been feeling kind of dry lately.  I blame the heater, who blames the weather, who blames the season, who blames...__________.  So because it's cold I still have to blow dry my hair, which is awful and I've avoided it as much as I could all summer (hence my shiny hair) AND it's been so dry that I ran out of hair treatment o_o; This means that I don't want to use my hair straightener if it can be helped.

Coldness, dryness and lazyness.

Anyway, so I've been braiding my hair to see what results I can get. Usually I just get wavy hair in the morning, but I figured people must be getting their curls another way, and I tried braiding my hair real tight while slightly wet and this morning I accomplished my fake perm:

Of course these pictures were taken at the end of the day, 12 hours after I opened my braids so you can imagine how wavy and poofy it was in the morning o.o I even tied it up at some point 'cause I felt like I had an afro, a FLAT afro. How sad is that?

I really wanted to wear my comfy gray heels but I couldn't seem to imagine it working for me with these slacks so I switched to these pointy heels, which I hear are in this winter (oddly enough), and people seem to like everything but my shoes LOL
Perry Ellis boy's blazer jacket, MaxStudio top, F21 slacks, F21 white patent belt

You know actually I wore this top like over a month ago with a different blazer and slacks and wanted to show you how it looks but I never got around to it because I forgot to take pictures o.o Even today I was all ready to undress when I remembered to take these photos quickly.  This outfit doesn't do this top justice since it's more of a babydoll style and it has a sash to tie it up with (which some coworkers commented as looking like a tail since it hung under my blazer). 

"BOY"-friend blazer
And if you wonder about how I raided the boy's section for blazers instead of just buying a "boyfriend blazer", which has a similar shape, well, how did this boyfriend blazer trend come about? From women stealing their boyfriends' blazers? I think it makes sense if you date a petite man, or a really skinny man, or just a man of a similar size as you, but I'll have you know that I have worn yobo's blazer before when I got cold and it is not flattering. It's like trying on a football jersey or something since it's so wide and large. 

Boy's Blazer vs BOYFRIEND blazer
I was told today that my blazer is nice because it's so "loose", in that the upper arms are loose and the sides are loose, etc. so that I can actually lift my arms and do stuff as if I were not wearing a blazer at all (have you seen men try to pick up and move stuff with their blazers on? it's hilarious to watch).  You'll notice when you wear boyfriend blazers designed for women that they are very well tailored, which I suppose is fine if you want it that way, but it means that the upper arms, or at least the lower arms, are very tight.  The waist will be smaller so if you button up it fits almost like a normal blazer. Or, worse yet, the blazer hangs like a box o.o;; Which is my number one concern when it comes to Romeo & Juliet boyfriend blazers

Oh, and before I leave you, I'll share my attempt at masculinity:

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