Tuesday, October 26

Style Watch: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho KRN drama (SPOILERS)

I watched this new Fall 2010 Korean drama, My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox in 2 days, well, maybe it was 3...but that's just how good it is! I highly recommend it, not just because the story is good, but also because they are wearing the latest trends!

And I just have to point this out: can you tell that the lead actress is the same in both pictures? Because I have seen both actors in several dramas previously and I could not recognize her. I just saw that poster and I thought oh she looks familiar, but I couldn't pin point why. Her face is not even that sharp o.o Talk about photoshoping...
Shin Min Ah  plays Gumiho and she only wears this dress. At some point I thought he would never buy her clothes and she would just wear this forever...Then I thought how funny that the producers would let her wear something so fitted and up-to-date as her go-to-dress for 500 years.  She only wears dresses throughout 16 episodes, they're all similar in style and are light colored to show her innocence. Actually this drama is pretty well written in that there were a number of good metaphors...it doesn't go downhill till around episode 13-14 (I heard they changed the ending?) and that's quite rare.

And she also started out barefoot, but in a short while (how?) ended up with nude flats. Since then she wore a lot of ballerina flats and one pair of white lace up boots paired with white socks (like a little girl). Very cute.
 Now the main girl actually just wears a lot of plain 60's style mini dresses (London dress trend) that tend to be flow-y and "light". Combined with her long hair creates an angelic effect at first, and later a "good girl" image that Asians have always preferred.   There was only one scene where she wore something different, and that was a special moment in which she wore a high-waisted pencil skirt (with heels!).
Her lover rival wears a lot of mini dresses too, but with more of an edge as they are all sleek and the shoulders are padded for a "stronger" effect (they are like opposites).
Love her bag, notice the externally padded trench coat and the flow y dress!
Other characters wear pretty clothes too!

And while the main guy is not my favorite in terms of looks, I think he is a good actor. Not too crazy about his albums either though...I think he's better at acting than Rain, but Rain gives off a better feeling overall....

The main actress I've always found pretty, though I'm not entirely sure why. I don't think I could explain it, it's just that when she plays cute and cuddly in dramas instead of a gag reflex I go awww, which normally only happens when I see babies or toddlers. So that's how I feel about her. She has evidently touched all of Korea based on this story about how every girl wants to be Shin Min Ah. I can't  blame them, I find her "Woong-a!" calls super cute! ^_______^ 

Highly recommended! :)


  1. I'd really love to find a dress just like the one Mi Ho wears when she first meets Dae Woong, but I'm having absolutely no luck on eBay. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi, I just posted some suggestions for you :) I hope they're of some help...


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