Tuesday, November 9

But I want it! JAPONESQUE tools

I was browsing All Cosmetics Wholesale the other day and I noticed a new brand: JAPONESQUE that I had not heard of before.  The store mostly only has tools, but I see that the brand also has make up products which you can view on their online catalog.

How cool is it that it comes in a little box? And now the price is about the same as any other kabuki!

I just think this brush is really cute :) That it has a bamboo handle and goat hair just makes it better!
So pretty...It looks really functional in that it seems to fit everything in an organized manner and not look chunky/ugly when dangling on your arm.
Although I am VERY happy with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler (totally worth it, especially if you get it on sale like me), I sometimes do feel that it's hard to get the edges of my eyelashes. I think maybe it's the shape of the curler that doesn't match the shape of my eyes? I'm guessing it's hard to find one that does match, so it would be easier to just get something like this...What do you think?
As far as I can tell the brand looks good, I saw on Amazon that they make pricey make up storage cases, I guess for professional use, that look really cool. If you have tried this brand please let me know what you think of it!

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  1. Never tried the brand, but I love the styling of their brushes! I'll have to look into these :)


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