Friday, June 18

What I'm eyeing at Forever 21...

Most of the things listed here I seriously am considering buying, so the prices are lower than average (because I hate buying anything over $15 from Forever 21, most of the time their quality is not worth it). The reason I'm only considering is because I want to go to the larger Forever 21 near me and try them all on!
There studded flats go for about $15 and I like how they're only on specific places (versus all over) but I wonder if the studs would fall off...

This pair does have studs all over it but it is more feminine and the studs look more like little pearls.

I've been looking for a pair of black sandals  as I lack them. Somehow in my mind sandals = summer = white. Thus I have more than enough white sandals. --' These are really cheap at about $8

I think this would be a great counter to the romper (which I don't like). It looks like it could be a romper but it's just a simple dress. At $11 it is worth it.

If you're like me, you've wanted a high waisted skirt that wasn't too long and didn't make you look short. This is only accomplished with long legs and 4" heels but oh well. Can't do better than $16, right?

 Or if that one was too long, then this would be a good neutral color. It's like bronze or something and sells for $23. There's also a pleated version for about $20.

Looks like the perfect sheer top to go with your pants, jeans, skirts, etc. At $6 I can't be lying.

I don't remember if I ranted about this before, but I avoid stripes, and if you need to ask why just look at the model in the picture (where is her waist? not that she doesn't have one but it looks like she doesn't). However I like the details in front, so if I could just touch the material then maybe I would agree to spend $11 on it.

 So actually I have at least two long black tunics but this one is sleeveless (point 1) and it has cute bows (point 2). On the other hand, I don't like revealing my back because my skin is not even there. For $16, would you buy it?

This is a strong  YES for me. I think I'll go and hunt it down. It's gray (love gray), it has longer sleeves (very flattering) and scrunched sleeves (shape!). For $7 how can I resist? Oh and I think it comes in different colors too.

This color block dress is only $11 but I would have to see what blue looks like with my skintone.

So what do you think of my picks? Hate them? Love them? Any suggestions for me? Do keep in mind that I'm in "work mode" now so I think of clothes that I perhaps might be able to wear to work as well. Don't want to have to have two wardrobes...

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