Saturday, June 19

You, who "promoted" me!

So I wanted to announce the giveaway winner on Tuesday, but then I got kind of caught up with the interviews and sleep deprivation, so now that I'm back from hiking and all relaxed I feel more up to it. If you guys wonder, I decided yesterday that as the landlord's (fully grown) husky needs as much exercise as I do, my new goal is to walk her a min. of one hour a day! Yesterday we went round and round for an hour and today we went hiking for two hours (to the waterfall!). Walking with a large dog is so much more motivating than walking a small dog, they really pull you along and push you to walk faster and further.

Anyhow, there weren't a lot of participants for the PROMOTE ME giveaway but I thought it was about time it ended so I just did for it anyway. It's rather strange that even with 54 readers on google (and a decent amount of page views according to my tracker) there are still few comments and fewer participants but that's OK. It means I'll have to work harder! I had thought about buying stuff for giveaways but I think I'm going to wait till I have a larger readership. Then I will probably have a contest rather than a giveaway ^^

The giveaway winner is #3, Sierra!

For the "Be My Friend" giveaway I'm going to repost tomorrow and I will automatically add any entries for it while promoting it.

Thank you so much if you participated! I will be contacting the winner soon.

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  1. Anonymous12.7.10

    I am so terribly sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, i've been grounded for quite some time and haven't been able to use the internet, and its giving me problems from lack of updates and all that silly stuff! I was so happy to see that I won, though, thank you very much! I'll be emailing you soon!



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