Monday, November 15

Shopping for winter at Forever 21

I was looking for that white dress and while I tried looking on Forever 21 there were some pieces I could not ignore (and now I want them...):

Satin top $27.80
This looks very blue to me, but if you say so F21. Actually last winter I bought something similar for my MIL, it's more figure-flattering in that it's not so wide that you have to put up your arm just to look thinner. Obviously I'm going to have to find another brand with the same thing.
Interesting Neckline-Top $19.80
Oooooooo....I like.

Puffy-sleeved cardigan! $7.50
For that price I want this in Taupe (pictured), Navy, and Black!
Puffy-sleeve short sleeve sweater $10.50
I know you're all wondering why this is $3 more than the cardigan--beats me! All I know is that I want this isn Charcoal (pictured) and Black.

Cable Knit Cardigan $28.90
I'm a big fan of cable knit cardigans/sweaters, and I wore them a lot as a kid, but I just think since they are chunky they just make you look chunky-er. Not flattering. But I still want I actually ordered a sweater and I'll let you know how that goes...
Dress $19.80
You know I used to love wearing these types of dresses. Now I don't have any. :( I like to wear them with long/short sleeves underneath....
Tiered Dress $17.80
I want this in black...but you can't see the tiers in black so I'm showing you the grey...But go check out black, I think you'll agree that it looks better.

Puff Sleeve Cropped Blazer $29.80
Can't get enough of puff sleeves!

Navy Full Skirt $12.50
Prices at F21 are whack. And this comes in red too. Not sure why I want this for fall, but I do.  
Pleated mini skirt (Burberry style) $8.50
I've wanted one of these for a while now...considered making one myself (I really do hate sewing that much).
Cool Zip Pants $13.80
I want taupe...maybe less "cool" and more equestrian. I'll take black too. Ahhh...but the price!! I'll have to go try them on....
Hidden Button Coat $42.80
I'm going to sell my Miss Sixty coat from last year and I actually bought a coat that hopefully looks like this one (got it online). If it doesn't I'll let you know if I want to sell
Tweet Coat $32.80
And if it doesn't look like that then I want this.
fdCut out booties $24.80
It's funny how the same pair in black makes me think S&M. This pair I like though, and even the price is decent so I'm going to go try this on one of these days...
Faux leather belt $3.80
I've given up on finding pretty real leather belts. I'm going to hunt this one down.

What are you shopping for this winter?


  1. I am soo in love with forever 21! Cute trends, unbeatable price, what more could a girl ask for!!!

  2. These all look so fun and perfect for winter! A lot of them you can also wear in theh spring too.


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