Thursday, August 26

Review: Lumene Double Stay Mineral Makeup Foundation

I promised a review on this ever since I bought it, but really it hasn't been two months since I started actually using it. I bought a darker tone so it's only for the summer when my arms and neck are so dark that I can't possibly wear my normal foundation or BB cream.  And now that I've been working i find myself wearing it every single day.
Lumene is a Finnish brand, which adds arctic ingredients found in Northern Finland to boost their products. You can view more of their products at their website

This tone is 4 Peach Beige/Persikkatee if you wonder, but even I don't know why my skin is dry enough to have those bumps...

So here's a breakdown:

+ lightweight
+ blends easily (even to my super light concealer)
+ mineral based
+ has "protective arctic Amethyst"
+ unscented
+ didn't dry my face (no flaking!)
+ cheap price

- low coverage (sounds like a wireless provider...)
- makes me break out (not everyone has the same skin)
- disappears quickly (melts?)
- discontinued in the US

So I will not  be buying this anymore because it can no longer be purchased here, but also because I want a better foundation. XD

Have you tried Lumene make up products? I quite like their skincare...


  1. I've never tried their makeup products but I am using the Lumene Vitamin C day cream :D It's great! And smells wonderful. Too bad you didn't like the foundation. Have you tried Bare Escentuals?

  2. That's disappointing that it caused you to break-out. I know that CVS carries some of their products but not the entire line. Also, Sears carries a few of their products.


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