Sunday, April 4

Mini Beauty Hauls :D VS sale & Ebay

I went to VS store a week ago and bought this body lotion from their new line in "Girl's Night" (because yobu picked it) since I got it for $5 with a coupon instead of the usual ...$15? I think it's very tricky to have a VS credit card because you get this feeling that you can totally spend up to $500 because it's not coming out of your cash.  I have been opting to use Debit card only for the past few weeks (I've used my credit card twice since, which were lapses, but I've gotten back onboard) and on Ebay I use my Paypal balance.  However I really couldn't resist the mascara deal: 2 for $12 so I got them just because I want purple mascara (I gave me Tarte one to my sister), and I seem to lose mine all the time...Have you tried their mascaras? I'll probably write a review one of these days...

When I heard that Lumene will not be sold in the US anymore I found myself wanting to try out more of their products before they go away. I've been relatively satisfied with their skin care products and I've only tried their blush before, but I want to try more because if I don't get them cheap here I'm going to have to buy them expensive in Finland (they're a Finnish brand).  Right now they're almost off the shelves so products are being sold for a few dollars each on Ebay and as such I have another beauty haul on it's way!!

So here we have a foundation in Peach Beige (which is about two tones darker than my current skin tone) but I plan on getting tanned this summer so I expect that it will be perfect.  I've wanted a matte blush and here it is! This one's pink and it's 06 Natural. I also got a mini sample of Benefit's Moonbeam to use as a highlighter to see if I like it (it glitters so I'm not sure if it's compatible with my skin).  The hair curler things I ordered from Hong Kong for $3 and are supposed to give me natural curls but it did not come with instructions so I will figure it out first. I'll post pictures when I actually use these products if I dare show you a close up of my skin >P

I did find a salon nearby that offers $20 facials (clear skin), so even with tip it's about $25 for 30 min...Not bad eh? Even her one hour facial is only $38, which is a big improvement from the $100+ Korean one I went to (but they know their stuff!) so I'm thinking maybe next month or something when I think I still have money on hand (or if I get my tax refund!) I will treat myself to one! When's the last time you got a facial? Mine was last...October. T-T

As for what happened to Friday Outfits? Um. My memory card was full yesterday and then we went shopping (I bought an organic toner which I don't have on hand right now) so I missed out on taking pictures. I went for an Annie Hall look if you wonder though.


  1. I have the same foundation in Honey Beige (nr.2) which is kinda too light for me. Mom just bought the same shade u have :D It's like 5 euros on sale here!

  2. Oh~ I was going to get honey beige...Oh well. I was going to buy another one but I'm not sure if I like it yet so we'll see. I bought this for maybe $3-4 :D


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