Monday, July 26

Gotta B Urban kabuki brush review

So I think I mentioned a while somewhere that I purchased a Gotta B Urban blush brush, and yesterday I mentioned that instead of using that  brush I used my new kabuki brush! So here it is:

It's really round, soft (not as soft as my Body shop brushes but good enough), and is very even! I really like the finish and I think I'll be using it until I get sick of dark skin! XD The price was good too; about ten bucks!

If you haven't tried Gotta B' Urban yet you really should look for the brand at any Marshalls or TJMaxx store because at least over here several locations have many different brushes like blush, powder, eyeshadow, concealer, double ended brushes, and even eco-bamboo brushes!

Oh and if you wonder what that leopard thingy is, it's a heatable or coolable eye pad!

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  1. I have to try and find those! I love buying brushes :)


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