Tuesday, July 27

End of Summer Girl's Style Magazine Inspiration

Girl's Style Magazine has a lot of street wear, I've noticed. This was my first time viewing it (you know how magazines are all wrapped up in plastic in the store? getting the scans is a good way to preview them) but I still prefer holding a magazine in my hand and reading it wherever I like.

I think from now on Inspiration posts where I only have pictures will be accompanied by a small text that simply highlights what I like about what's pictured.

Here I like the yellow dress and floral cardigan!

Gray vest on the left! Also brown bag lower down is really cute!

I like both outfits but I think the one on the left is more something I'd like to wear!

The bottom outfit is cool! And I did want shoes like that but I have a feeling those types (with the long laces) don't suit me...

While both outfits are not bad, don't you think the one on the right is so cool?

The first thing I noticed was MARIMEKKO! And then I realized that the blue and yellow floral pattern is cute too (usually I only see the red and black one), and finally I saw those cute denim jeans at the bottom! The ones that resemble the Gap ones I once coveted!

Floral oxfords!

Note all the cute loafers and moccasins! And I LOVE girls + tie! Used to wear one often in high school (back when Avril Lavigne was popular).

2nd (boyfriend jacket), 3rd (oxfords!) and 4th outfit = Kawaii!!!

They're pretty cute! The first one looks like work-appropriate and the second if you really want to look like a little girl for your bf!

Secretary shirts, ruffles and that blue & white top at the bottom! Oo lalaa~~

Panda! + bluish white jacket and everything else from "alcali"!

Somehow when she wears that really big tunic dress it looks stylish. But if I were to wear it I'd look pregnant/like I just ran out of the hospital examination room.

I like how the outfit on the right is very office appropriate but still loose and summery. Having been to over a dozen interviews (at different companies too!) I can say that it's rare to find women wearing comfortable clothing in an office...

Those bags look like a perfect fit for my netbook! How cool to carry one of those around!

The miu miu print, and the cute hooded jacket on the bottom right!

I'm thinking I want to try this outfit one day. Oversized tunic + cropped jacket & all black below! I even have a Pooh to match!

I really like the blue dress on the left! And those shoes! They look like faux leather...

So what do you think? Are you interested in more inspirational magazine scans?

P.S. All credits to Vimee.net

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