Friday, July 23

Best Dressed at BET 2009 Awards!

Spending all day either sleeping and running errands, or in and out of interviews, as not really been inspiring for me.  I enjoy the rest (love sleeping in!) but I'd feel even more rested if I didn't have to apply and attend job interviews (haha!). Especially since yobo is leaving for a business trip next week there are a lot of things to prepare (for myself and him), and we've been running around trying to get them done.  Afterwards, depending on how my job hunt's going, I can either sleep at home for a month or actually find myself a job (either works for me, would probably spend less money sleeping at home). So, to entertain you readers (and be even a little consistent) I will try to reduce my posting stress to every other day and this is my post for the past two days (...oops):

Despite not having seen BET awards (I don't watch TV), I decided to take a look at what everyone wore there and chose my favorites:
 While I don't think Brandy's dress is appropriate for an award show, I like it for everyday wear! It has a cute tulip shape and it looks like it's stitched from different materials! Her booties are also similar to what I own (and have not managed to wear them T-T).
I couldn't find a better picture of Christine Tegen in her black dress, but don't you think black heels would've matched better?
Keri Hilson - I think this dress is a little over the top but it fits her really well and the pattern is nice and yellow (I like yellow).
...I don't really approve of the jumpsuit looking thing Jada Pinkett Smith is wearing but I love the blazer/jacket enough to let it go. The shoes are a little skimpy looking though.
Ciara seems to be revealing a lot without really revealing much. It's the silhouette (and lack of bra?) that makes her dress sexy. If only she had picked sexier heels.

I saw a lot of daring looks (blonde curly hair, etc.) but for this post I tried to focus on their dresses/outfits. What did you think of BET 2010 red carpet looks?

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