Thursday, July 15

Are women more attractive than men?

Women today are expected to be beautiful.  Women should be beautiful. Women ought to strive for beauty.  Isn't that why you start preparing yourself an hour before leaving the house? Why you spend so much money on beauty products, fashion, and "pretty things"?
But how many men notice the effort? How many men flock over to you and compliment your eyeshadow choice, your manicure, or the way you coordinated your entire outfit, makeup, hair and jewelry (which really took a lot of deep thought on your part)? Instead, how many men puff up their chests and do silly things with the message I'm attracted all knotted up with other messages...? Have you ever seen a man swoon?
But women. Notice how women flock to men? How when a handsome or well dressed man is the attention of a large percentage of women? Most men don't need any embellishment, they just take off their shirt and suddenly they're the star.  They could be sweaty from a workout, construction workers in their dirty uniform, or literally smelly like a bum--and still women will notice! And while women are by nature supposed to hold more fat than men, men are able to build muscle more easily (hence the widespread six pack). How is that fair?
Well. It would be more fair if humans would admit to nature's sexual dimorphism trend, which basically refers to the differences between male and females in a given species.  Specifically, I am interested in why it is that while every child knows that Simba in Lion King is prettier than Nala because he has all that fur around him, most children grow up believing that they have to dress up like princesses in order to find their prince.

And even if you weren't concerned about finding your prince, everyone still wants a girl to be cute, pretty, beautiful, like a princess. Why are girls conditioned into believing they must be attractive when in nature it is the opposite?
The peacock is a prime example, as the male flaunts itself constantly while following the (very plain looking) female around. The bigger, prettier, more colorful, the better. Ducks are similar:
The general theory behind the flashiness of males and the plainness of females is that females, when pregnant and tending to young ones, need to blend in so as to not attract the attention of predators. In that sense, males are like a distraction to avert danger.  And some women claim that this instinct is why they "let go" once they get married and have children (but that's another topic).
My opinion is that women have been objectified into delicate flowers (many women are named after flowers in different languages i.e. "Rose") than men try to pick like bees in spring time.  Men emphasize ambition, wealth, and ability when wooing, but have forgotten that it is their outward beauty that attracts women first. Even in nature, females are shallow. XD;;


  1. That is very interesting. When my husband and I were first dating, I don't think I was very pretty - I was more careless and wore t-shirts and baggy jeans and canvas sneakers. Now that we are married, I dress up more!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. Interesting post! I would definitely agree as every man I know would list looks as one of their top factors.


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