Thursday, May 27

The sun is a sham when you're tormented by gales.

Today, much like the last few days, I always wake up cold.  Our house evidently doesn't warm up till the afternoon, and even then it's not exactly hot (I'm always wearing a sweatshirt). This means I have no idea what the temperature outside is (I need a thermometer) and I don't have time to check my netbook the way I used to check my desktop (after leaving it on all night).  So yesterday and the day before I thought it was hot because it was sunny but it turned out to be really windy and cold. I almost got a flu on Monday because our campus is on a hill and it's really really windy and I have classes in the science colleges which always have their ac booming on high (we in the liberal arts building like to keep it moderate, maybe we're more eco-conscious?)
F21 navy jacket; Aeropostale striped knit sweater in pink & gray; Old Navy tank top; Joe's Jeans cropped jeans; jazz shoes

...So don't laugh at my three-layer outfit. Honestly I didn't wear the jacket most of the time so it wasn't that bad. I just wanted to see how it would feel to wear these cropped jeans without boots. Oh, and the way I recycle pieces for outfits is kind of random. Where we used to live I would hang clothes that didnt need washing up so I'd know that I've worn them already and should wear them again so I can wash them, and this would also prevent outfit-repeating, but now I haven't worked out a system yet. I really should. I've read about bloggers with all sort of systems, what with hanging clothes and moving them (doesn't work for me, yobo hangs his clothes all over the place (if at all) and prevents any sense of order). How do you prevent outfit repeats?


  1. This is really cute! It kinda has a nautical feel, and your shoes are really great!

    I always keep from repeating outfits by changing accessories or shoes...those jeans could look super hot with a pair of heels!

  2. I love those white pants you're doning :D The jazz shoes are awesome too! :)

    I don't really have a system of keeping myself from outfit repeats. I usually have a good memory of what I've born before and what works and what doesn't. I also have too many things to have to make any repeats :p


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