Wednesday, May 26

Recommended: Face masks from China

I thought I had taken these pictures before but I can't find them anywhere, I'm actually missing a few "colors" and masks as we're slowly running out (waiting for a package from my mother-in-law XD). Besides these I also have a "box" of Japanese face masks (in blue):
Over the years I have used the individual packs by Kose as well, but they are overpriced and not that great. I really prefer Korean masks, my aunt had given me bird's nest masks three years ago that I still find far superior to anything I use today, but when I went to China in 2008 I picked out a lot of different types of masks in the supermarket and having tested them decided on these:
The big ones (silver) are my favorite as they're not "too big" (like some Korean ones are on my face) but not too small (I find some Japanese brands too small for my face).  There's a lot of extra "juice", which already makes it better than Kose's masks. Normally we have this brand in 3-4 types (everything except anti-aging), but now we evidently only have Rose and Lemon left. I tried looking online but didn't find them anywhere, so if you ever see these--try them!

The second brand I think I've only used once, it was not as good and has a medicinal smell to it.  Yobo always gets these "Chinese herbal" masks for eye and face because they come highly recommended, but I like to leave my masks on for as long as I can tolerate them (or until they dry) and I don't want to have to smell like Salompas for half an hour or more.

Near the 99 Ranch market there's a really big cosmetic store (I should show you?) with Korean masks that I sometimes get. I think I'll get them next time and show you. They come in big packs and individual packs, but with ziplock so they remain fresh and juicy! What type of mask do you use?

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  1. These are really great! I kinda want to try them now :D are they available in america?


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