Tuesday, May 25

Forever 21: May Picks

My coworker was browsing Forever 21's latest and I haven't been there in a while so I got excited!

Dotted Dress is really cute! I wonder how long/short it would be on me!

Floral skirt is more my style (not colorful or too cute) but then it's also a little gypsy so I don't know...

I don't know, could I pull off this Rose Skirt?

I really like this Pleated Tulip Skirt. I like how it accentuates your hips and gives the impression that you have wider hips than you do.

I would be all over this Chiffon Skirt if it weren't so sheen...And not machine-washable.

This Layered Sweetheart Dress is really cute...*-*

Rosette Top looks a little...tight.
Party Skirt for clubbing, what do you think?

Have you noticed that the clothes look better on models than alone?
(and better on models than on me >P)


  1. eww that rose skirt is really ugly :S i like the layered dress and the party skirt!

  2. What?? I think the rose skirt is really fun, and would look great on you! As long as you keep the rest of the outfit basic, it would look great!

    But I am IN LOVE with that pleaed tulip skirt! So figure flattering!


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