Monday, April 12

PAI Organic Skincare Review

Recently I purchased a lot of "organic" (or close to) products...
I recently ran out of my L'occitane day moisturizer so I decided to try out those little PAI samples I bought. The other skincare brand I've only recently begun using so I will wait a week or two before reviewing.

So I ordered a sample set for my skin type (combination) from Pai Organics, which is a UK based business. You can order one too, basically you get one small cleanser and one small moisturizer for free, but then you pay for international shipping (to California), which was about $9.70 for me. The samples would last about two weeks, I think.

Pai Organics does not contain any of the following: artifical colors/fragrances, formaldehyde, mineral oils (is this a bad ingredient?), parabens and other synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphates, which makes them a truly organic brand compared to other brands that might be lacking parabens but contain other non-organic ingredients.

Now, I normally use a Clarisonic brush for my skincare routine so in order to try the cleanser I actually had to stop using the brush. The reason for this is that the cleanser does not foam (which is normal for organic cleansers, if you try the shampoo you'll know what I mean) so the brush would not glide well on my skin.  I'm not sure if the cleanser did much on its own since I didn't get a "clean" feeling afterwards. I'm guessing this was just a very "mild" cleanser, which is good for those of you with sensitive skin, but I have large pores that I need cleaned out so I want real action done.

The moisturizer was the creamy sort and made for combination skin but I found that it dried my skin within two days to a point where I was flaky and I had more than five dry patches on my face. It was too scary for me to continue using so I ended up stopping. I then gave it to yobo to try, since he has oily skin and he prefers "dry" moisturizers (oil-free) but even he said it was too dry. I don't know if it's that our skin type is different than the developers, or that it's just a lot dryer here in California than it is in the UK, but the moisturizer was far too dry for my combination skin and yobo's oily skin. It basically feels like a sunblock, if you know what I mean, in that it feels creamy on your hands or when it first comes out of the tube but as soon as you lather it on your skin it starts to dry and even your hands feel dry...This is certainly how Neutrogena's UV block makes me feel (I use SPF50).

Both were white, they had very strong scents, where the moisturizer smelled like thyme and the cleanser like camellia. I preferred the smell of camellia to thyme, but I admit that tea tree oil is worse. I would not recommend this brand to anyone living in a dry climate, and maybe if someone tried the jojoba oil one and reviewed it (if someone has already, please let me know) I would consider giving Pai Organics another shot, but for now I'm convinced that I need to move on.

No worries though, I switched two nights ago and have been using Nature's Garden (in picture) along with my Origins so my skin has been slowly rejuvenated. Prior to applying make up on Saturday I even did a 20 min. face mask, which really helped. Trying this product has made me realize though that I would not want to review a lot of non-organic "regular" products, because the consequences of a bad product, or one that does not suit me, could be much worse. At least now I'm trying out organic products so I'm dealing with low damage.

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