Tuesday, April 13

I won a giveaway~~~! Project Runway PC Game!

Yesterday* I received in the mail the PC game I won from Alyssa & Vique over at Fashionaburu!
They even have cool black name cards (which yobo now covets, not that his aren't cool...I got them after all).

I LOVE receiving packages/mail (excluding bills) ^____^ Really makes my day to come home to a pile of packages! Which is why I've never shed the Ebay habit, and why sometimes I still order things online (incase if I'm too lazy to find a store). For example, today we also received yobo's new skincare set from Vichy USA:
This is the Normaderm set for acne control, which is why I purchased it for him and not myself (also that whole organic thing...). It's a really good deal so if you haven't tried Vichy yet I highly recommend it! I'm on the mailing list because years ago I was obsessed with their cooling eye gel (great for puffy eyes). This set, which was mainly the two bottles on the side: The moisturizer and the spritzer were $26.00 but then you get this awesome gift set in a gray cosmetic bag (so that men would not shy from buying this unisex brand) along with an acne control gel, toner, and cleaning lotion (total value $45.00). The same price can buy you other sets as well (not necessarily for acne control). I'm going to have him use it for a week and see how it compares with the other stuff he's tried for his acne. Yobo has actually used a lot of other products, some of the best being by Dermalogica and The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. At the moment he's testing out Booth's Tea Tree Toner although he really prefers Kiehls Rose Water.

Would you like to know more about acne fighting products? Like yobo's skincare regime?

I have now updated the "Just Me" page to match my current skincare routine and I can always add a section for yobo if someone is interested in his anti-acne products and his experiences with them.

Lastly, some shameless self-advertisement: I'm selling my Sephora Smokey Eye Brush Kit for $14.99+4.99. The kit still retails for $48.00 in Sephora.
In the next month or so I might sell some other brushes as well, more specifically I'm thinking about giving up MAC 109 foundation brush because I think I prefer my other MAC brush over it, or even a sponge. I'm also expecting a large brush set in the mail and I'll definitely review it as soon as I get it! :D


  1. YAY! Congrats on winning the game!!! :D I've been on a brush binge the last couple of months! I just want all brushes!

  2. I love Vichy products! They are very effective :D I even have a neck cream! :p

    YAY to you for winning the game! haha I wish my computer was fast enough to even have games on it :p


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