Friday, April 9

Brideshead Revisited (movie)

I was so inspired when I started watching Brideshead Revisited! The main character was a handsome man who was into "hunting" and within the first five minutes he shaved his jungle beard and joined  the daisies on campus. So sad. Anyhow, I'm going to be watching a series of old style movies (18th century-early 20th century) for class (it beats reading the book), this came recommended and then I heard my Professor refer to the novel and thought to myself that I must watch it now.
Strangely I was not inspired by women's outfits (except this one fur robe...) but rather by Sebastian's (left)! See the jacket? I want it. See that scarf? I want it. He also wears bowler hats and wears white oxfords. Beautiful.
See? All that tan too! And beige! I actually like cream/beige more than white. I feel like white is too "look at me" haha.
Love the long navy blazer jacket with white accents! Notice the heeled oxfords and the high waist white pants. I have a similar pair ;3
That's maybe the second outfit Julia wore that I liked. :D She wore a lot of kimono style clothing with Asian dragons, etc. which is very different from what Julia in the TV series wore (she wore more lace) so I'm assuming this is a modern take?
I think the TV series has about 23 episodes and features a young Jeremy Irons (my mom's favorite). The outfits are not as modern in terms of fashion, but I'm still liking the rolled up chinos.

Oh, and Thursday's outfit:

Da-Nang military jacket, black equestrian pants from F21, scarf from Claire's?, Shirt from Lindex, boots by MizMooz and cluster necklace from F21

Do you watch old movies? Or movies where the setting is old?

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  1. i love those type of movies! its kind of refreshing :) what would u rate the movie out of 5?

  2. Old movies are nice but I don't have too much knowledge of all the eras. I am familiar with some but sadly for the most part, I'm not. Wish I did though. A lot of fashion hybrids are from old movies :D

    Masters in business?! Ahh, I can't even go that far! :p I can't handle more schooling!! :p Business will be so good for you. I can imagine you working for a magazine :)

  3. Jenny - I would rate this movie as a 3, just because it was a drama, and the ending was kind of...blech. I like happy endings or tragic endings, I guess I'm spoiling it for you by telling you it was neither?

    Rainy - I don't have much knowledge of the eras either...I was looking at this sort of wondering when it was set, and without the war in the end I wouldn't have known that this was the 1930s. O.o; I'm not very good at memorizing eras I guess. You should get a fashion handbook if you just want a reference/learning guide!

  4. I love watching these old movies for the costumes and settings! I would recommend Bright Star - good movie and great costumes! :)


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