Wednesday, April 7

But I want it! Shoooooeeeesss....

Usually I lust for bags...but now I've been lusting for heels (our social life was revived so now I actually can wear them somewhere hahaha)! First up there are heels I've been trying on and shoes that caught my eye. Then there are a list by a seller I found on Ebay, but the prices are the same I think it's just nice that there's more size selection online than in the stores I go to.

This is a "statement shoe" by Paris Hilton, whose shoes I <3, only they are not exactly comfortable.
These maid me feel like an "S"...XD
These have been haunting me! By MaxStudio and I'm seriously thinking maybe I NEED patent red heels in my collection
I wasn't resolved on the zipper trend...I don't own a lot of zipper items, I refuse to buy the purse because once the fad passes I wouldn't have use for a zipper flower purse anymore. Plus the brand that coined the "zipper flower" here in the US is Nicole Lee and I don't like the purses by that brand (I prefer the fakes that amazingly enough look better LOL). On the other hand, zipper shoes? Maaaa....
I find this cute, but uncomfy, sort of how I feel about panties with lace lining on the outside? It's rare to find a brand where the lace is soft enough not to irritate me. Victoria's Secret recently released a bunch of those and I have a hard time choosing my free panties from them T-T
You know what? I quite liked these Nine West kitten heels. Unfortunately while I was trying this on this really annoying Chinese girl took the other shoe from the rack and loudly exclaimed to her friend how wonderful it is and how she wants to wear it to work and how strange that she can't find the other shoe! I swear she saw it on me first. >P
These were cute, but I dont feel like investing in ballerinas right now (still have a few) and I guess it just wasn't on my list of priorities (I've learned to budget!)
I'm kind of amazed that gladiator style heels/sandals have lasted this long. I really didn't own a pair the first time they were in, but last season I caved in and spent like $10 on a pair just so I wouldn't feel so "out". This is nice, but I don't even want to try it on. 
How do you feel about gladiators?
This is the type of classic style I hope to only wear one day (when I'm older? when I have a good job?). It reminds me of a horse or a seahorse xD
My ideal loafers in the wrong size T-T
I like the idea of these kinds of shoes, but I do not want to reveal my feet like this as I don't like the way they look very much. I mean, imagine if my toe nails were not perfectly painted at the moment? I'd have to pass on sandals AND ballerinas? e.e;
A deviation of the zipper flower = > leather flower sans zipper!
I like these. They look like Chanel. They're not neutral enough for the season though and I can hear my mom in my head telling me how dreadfully old I'll look in them (as she always does).

What I found on Ebay (brand new!) and all from the same seller (click to see more!):

And actually I'm planning on cleaning up a pair of sporty lace up kitten heels (in canvas and orange) to put on Ebay by the end of this week. They're a size...37.5 I think and I'll post pictures of certain new items later on! Meanwhile you can click on my Buy/Trade section for a selection of stuff I'm selling!

[P.s. I have no idea why this post was not scheduled as it should be but participate in my giveaway anyway!]


  1. I drooled all over my keyboard while reading and lusting for the shoes....
    Inspired me to go shoe shopping ;) although i don't have any room left for them in my room, i started to just shove the boxes under my bed lol :D
    Ah-mazing post, i really enjoyed it :))

  2. omg those ebay-shoes are sooooo cute, buy me the first ones in white!!!

  3. I love the seahorse looking ones and the boots you got at the end.. adorable

  4. oh and those black and white booties with the big die for

  5. gosh, I absolutely love shoes. I wish I had more storage because they are just fun to have. I was never too much into gladiators because i felt they were TOO masculine for me and that I wouldn't look right with them. Now, I've changed my mind a little...I'd buy them if they were @ the right price. It's still a bit edgy for me especially at work :p But i do love that gray shoe from that Ebay seller.

  6. I really love those booties!


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