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Tinted Moisturizer vs BB Cream

I've used Tinted Moisturizer on top of my moisturizer for the past year and just recently I decided to buy a BB Cream as it is highly recommended.  BB cream stands for blemish balm and has as much coverage as a concealer (I think), while a tinged moisturizer is a moisturizer with tint (self-explanatory huh?). For my personal skincare, I have been trying to transition into Organic products for daily use as a way to prevent aging (and make sure that when I do age the chemicals will work optimally!).  So in the past I used a carrot based tinged moisturizer, which was very interesting because I smelled carrots on my face every morning, but since I couldn't find the brand anymore I decided to try Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer.  I purchased it in brightening (rather than a color) and it gives me a kind of "glow" that I like, but it does have SPF 20, which I don't like, because I prefer using my own SPF (which has PA +++). One of these days I will introduce my personal skincare routine, probably before I change brands again.

I purchased Skinfood's Gingko Green BB Cream...which is not green, if you wondered, and it is supposed to be "brightening". Now I normally buy brightening products because I often am sleep deprived and that means dark eye circles and sallow skin. I also am slightly anemic, so before I take my iron supplements (if I remember to bring them) I usually look a little pale. Strangely enough even if I get tanned I still manage to look pale. o.O Go figure.

You can see that the top is darker and bright (Laura Mercier) while the bottom is whiter (BB cream). For the record the "illuminating" cream by Laura Mercier is also one of the lightest tones they have.

So I like the illuminating effects of Laura Mercier, but I preferred using it at night, which means that I don't need SPF and then it just becomes a hindrance as SPF tends to make it greasy and oily.  Also, to use a tinted moisturizer you really do need to have better skin, and lately I've been breaking out so I have felt that it's not enough.

For the Skinfood BB cream I think the coverage is a little too good, and the other night when we went out I actually mixed it with my foundation to get the perfect mix. This is because I realized that the BB cream is pinkish and very "white", while my foundation is Nude tone (by Rimmel) so it's closer to my real skintone. So when I wear the BB cream I sometimes feel like it's a mask and I've had to reduce the amount I use and it spend extra time "blending" it into my skin.  I think maybe I could solve this problem by using a cream blush to match, but I'm so lazy in the morning I don't know if I can be bothered to. Maybe a cream bronzer now that summer is coming...

Overall, I think I do like the BB cream because of it's coverage, but I am going to mix it with my foundation on weekends or days I have time.  Or maybe I will be buy another tinted moisturizer now that this one is running out, maybe another organic one? Any suggestions?

If you've used either a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, what is your opinion? Which do you prefer?


  1. Great review! I've never heard of BB cream before. I ended up ordering the LM TM in oil free so I'll review once I get it :)

  2. Anonymous5.2.11

    Hello there,
    I'm currently into BB cream as well. Last month I bought Missha BB cream in light beige colour and I kind of like it. I first put in on my skin during my holiday couple weeks ago and it works amaizing on my skin. Sadly, I looked like a pale grayish ghost in my holiday's picture. Weeks after, I noticed that I have breaks out all over my face.I was so frustrated.I realised that I need to wear my moisturiser before applying it (yeah silly because I thought it contains the moisturieser, foundation..bla..bla..). Anyways, my skin looks better now. I mixed my Olay day cream (for sensitive skin) and the BB cream. And wear Olay night cream as well.

  3. Hey Anonymous!
    BB cream is not the greatest for pictures, especially if you get the light one. Flash completely washes out your face and even bronzer hasn't saved me from the ghastly result. This is why I think every girl should own a normal foundation in addition to BB cream.

    I actually wear two layers before I apply BB cream. I wear a moisturizer (sometimes I apply serum before it) and a sunscreen. The BB cream that comes with sunscreen tends to be whiter than the one that comes without so I always pick the latter.

    Also, BB cream tends to oxidize during the day so even if you're pale pale in the morning in a few hours it looks quite natural. I guess some girls think this means you have to "touch up" your skin but I think it looks just fine.

    I'm glad you're into BB creams now! I have stopped buying tinted moisturizers in favor of BB creams since this post!


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