Friday, March 5

Liberty of London for Target
I do think that if the only thing I like from a whole collection looks like sleepwear (I believe it is sleepwear! XD) then it can't be worth my time...
On another note, I did want to show you want my brightened my Wednesday (I get midweek blues)! I ordered these on Ebay a month ago and they finally arrived from Hong Kong!
The bracelet and the earrings came to a total of $10.49 and I wanted to order more, but there were so many people bidding and it was just...difficult to win ._.; Check them out for yourself, I think these are pretty good quality compared to some others I've purchased.

Since I'm new to blogging, I would appreciate comments and constructive criticism from anyone who happens to read an entry by me.  For example, do you want to hear negative opinions on collections? Or only positive ones? Do you want to see what I've purchased recently in a list? Or on me when I wear them? Do you want to see what I own?


  1. found you from denysia's blog!! :) i love those jewelry pieces... all the way from HK too huh? In regards to what i want to see you blog about... well.. i'm not much into makeup so maybe blogging more about whats going on with you? butttt i'm really happy to read anything :) take care!

  2. Hi Kym! Thanks for commenting :) I'll take into account what you said and write more about what I do. I'm not a huge make up fan either, in that I'm too lazy to do too much research or buy the latest color/brand, etc. As long as my make up is versatile enough for my mood and it looks good I'm satisfied. ^^

    And I checked out your blog/site! Very cute~ I'm going to check out your t-shirts next!


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