Wednesday, March 3

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" cried Juliet at the release of their new collection

Romeo and Juliet Couture

Since I have posted a Romeo & Juliet piece for sale in a previous post I figured I might as well introduce the brand in case some of you are unfamiliar with it.

Romeo & Juliet Couture was founded in 1999 for the European Market. In the US it can mostly be found at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Fred Segal. They have had a denim line is 2006. If you would like to see what celebrities have worn their pieces you may check out their proud list.

Their Spring 2010 collection includes many of the key pieces for trendy attire, such as striped top (knit sweater vest), cut up leggings, ruffles, jean jacket, lace, tye dye, tiered ruffles, floral pattern, jean vest, jeans and even Michael Jackson rocker style. I'm not able to save or link to the pictures but please view the lookbook for all of the above.

Unfortunately their online shop is not up yet (it looks as if it is, doesn't it?) so I looked around and found a few pieces from previous collections that I liked:

Fur & crochet hooded sweater vest for just $15! I want it! XD And it comes in several colors too~

 From the same $15 Dollar Store I've found a sequin zip up jacket!

And a leopard print sequin top! Get it!

They seem to have a lot of what I call "doll" dresses (because they all look like Alice in Wonderland's dress...) but I like this one :3

I love their simple, yet classic, pieces like this sheer shirt with puffed sleeves.

A black and poofy princess dress with flowers! Adorable x3

A layered "tier" ruffle racerback tank top! XD

I really like this feathered dress. It has cocktail written all over it! I imagine that it would look amazing on someone with cool short hair. x3 It comes in silver too...

So...What do you think of Romeo and Juliet Couture?

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  1. I am getting the sequin blazer! I love it!


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