Sunday, February 28

Esprit Spring 2010

My opinion of Esprit that it's pretty decent in Europe, but the collections in the U.S. are really plain and backward. Their website is also a pain, and so while I could solve the first problem by changing my country preferences I still had to put up with the stupidity of their website. Oh, and if you think their models/pictures are ...blech @-@;, then at least we agree on that.

The popular stripe can also be worn like an oversized tunic. 

An empire waist denim blouse is an option to the jean shirt.

I saw this and actually thought it was a jean blouse! Then I saw that it's pinstriped and now I'm thinking I should find a shirt like this to take place of the jean shirt (haha can you tell I dont like jean shirts?).

The last jean jacket I had was by Bongo and I sold it two years ago because I just could not see myself wearing it any longer. But with this zip up asymmetrical biker style jacket I could reconsider...!

I don't know...When I'm in the department store I like Esprit, but on their site I just don't see their greatness. Really it's all about the quality of their clothing, that they are retail but I think compared to some other brands at the same price range (i.e. DKNY) I think Esprit clothes tend to last longer and not morph into strange shapes after wash XD

I also recognize that to actually buy these items I would have to have my sister order them/hunt them down and then ship them over here (or go pick 'em up myself) or pay high international postage, so when I look at foreign brands or foreign websites I'm mostly looking for inspiration than items to buy.


  1. That jean jacket is pretty awesome looking! :D

  2. I know! XD~ It's biker-cool without making you feel like a poser.


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