Tuesday, March 9

But I want it!

I don't follow the release of luxury products, not because I don't like them, but for the simple reason that I'll feel bad when I realize how much I want something but cannot afford it. This is the same reason I pass by all the D&G, Prada, and YSL stores at the outlet (yobu, however, always manages to drag me in so that he can browse). I know that if I'm ever going to purchase a YSL purse it's going to be at TJMaxx or something so why bother checking out stores I can't  afford? I also don't like the way sales people in these high end stores (I'm referring to outlets for the actual stores have better trained sales people) treat me, or just look at me; they either dismiss me as non-important or they watch me like a hawk just incase if I do something wrong. I usually walk out feeling violated.

Today I was browsing Ebay and I discovered this beauty:
It's up for sale for $500 or best offer and I'm droooooling *-*

Any other takers? Or what are you lusting for?


  1. I have this coin purse! But it's in purple! My mom got it for me as a christmas present last year! :D

    The bad thing about this coin purse, is that when you put coins in there, it doesn't always stay there, sometimes the coins fall out into the little slit on the side. But I usually put my cash in there.

  2. Eeeeh~!! You have it?? urayamashii~~~~

    I didn't know it comes in purple...I want a red wallet for good feng shui :D

    How small is it? I imagined it to be bigger...more like a lipstick purse XD

  3. this is so cute perfect for accenting your bigger purse :D

  4. I believe the coin purse comes in purple, brown, pink, and red. Those are all the colors I know of right off my head. :)

    It's about 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide. About 10 cm by 10 cm.

    I think it could fit a lipstick, but I've never used it for that reason.

    I think my mom paid like 500+ dollars for it. But then again, I'm not sure, since it was a present.

  5. Accenting? By hanging partly outside? XD Or the whole thing? In that case putting money in it might be a bad idea...x.o

    4x4 huh...That's...small...I'm more of a clutch person I guess >> I need to fit more stuff in my purse.

    ..but it's so cute!!! ^_____^


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