Friday, February 26

H&M vs Forever 21

The Blues collection was (I believe) first released in Forever 21 (I subscribe to their emails), and then I saw H&M post it on its Facebook page. I find going through collections on a Facebook album easier than on the website (it's also more difficult to purchase so it keeps my purse happy).

Forever 21 - Heritage
Blue striped dress/tunic <3
Striped gray t-shirt!
Light blue jean dress. <3

If you really want a jean pullover...
Forever 21 - Resort Collection
Mini-skirt that reminds me of sporty shorts in material and frame.
A-style mini skirt :) Comes in red.

Another A-style skirt with vertical stripes and a belt! <3
Nautica-themed racerback tunic top. There are variations of this in other colors and thicker stripes.
If you really want a jean shirt...
The red poka-dot!
Cap sleeve dress <3 This I want to try on!
Blue slip, lingerie-like dress. <3 Looks like an empire waist, will have to try on!
This is actually not the latest collection release, on their website they have the new Twist-Country, which I will show next. The basics that H&M incorporates in their collection Forever 21 does not, so jean shorts, skirts, jeans, etc. are not part of any "collection".

This, for example, is adorable :D

And they even have a "romper" XD!

Keep in mind that I only show pieces that I like or I think are relevant trends.

H&M - Blues (Released 2/25)
I swear I have seen this exact same shimmery shirt somewhere...

I'm not much of a jean shirt-fan but I do like the puffy sleeves.
I was kind of hoping that this season we would be over boyfriend jeans...but at least these look good. Stripes, as usual.
This I <3. I might want to try this one and see if I want to buy it :D:D
I can sort of see myself wearing this as a cover-up for my tanks and dresses, though I don't see how this would be in the blue collection. I thought blues = summer resort?
Cute sleeves <3 I've been looking for stripes anyhow ;P

Military style prevails! Not so sure I would want to wear such a high collar here in CA, though.
Overall the H&M collection is very simple and clean-cut. The details are cute, but not significant and the options are few.

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