Friday, February 17

How I began reducing my closet with a trigger

How I started reducing 

When people talk about reducing their closets, they list wardrobe staples, style classics, the weather, and all these other factors that can helped them decide what goes in the box and what stays in the closet. That's great for a challenge, like if you just want to shop your closet or reduce spending, but a lifestyle change requires an change in mindset as well. 

My change has been gradual and is an ongoing process. I feel like a recovering addict, constantly reminding myself of the mindset I want for myself.

You know what it started with though? Shoes. I had boxes and boxes of shoes: platform heels, clogs, sandals, pumps, gladiators, ballet flats, leather boots, rain boots, etc.  And yet, I'd come out of my closet with a trial and error outfit that took me some time to put together and none of the shoes seemed to match! It was infuriating. 

I had never enjoyed shoe shopping and always wondered about Carrie Bradshaw's obsession with pretty heels and Jimmy Choos. My mothers collection of boots has also puzzled me all my life, and more than a few of my pairs of shoes were purchased by her or with her.  You know how they say men don't shop unless they need something?  That's how I've always shopped for shoes--with purpose.

Come 2013, I started buying simple shoes to solve this problem: one pair of black and gold sandals for the summer season, one pair of black flats to wear every day to work, one pair of white tennis shoes (which I later replaced with black), and one pair of black Uggs for the snowy winter.  I put away the rest of my shoes and, with the exception of a few special occasions, never needed to take them out again. 

Simplifying my shoe selection made going out the door instantly quicker, saving me a lot of frustration while getting me places on time--a life saver!  

Today, I have one pair of black flip flops, one pair of black Keds, one pair of black heels, one pair of black leather ankle boots, and one pair of navy leather loafers. And sneakers. Although, I must admit, I am wanting a pair of tall black leather boots, but I just haven't found the perfect pair yet. 

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