Friday, February 10

The 6 Chinese Skinny Challenges of 2016

Are you as skinny as a Chinese girl? If not, here's my cheat suggestions to last year's skinny tests!

Last year, the Chinese social media community saw a string of skinny tests trending in their communities, with some so ridiculous, they even caught the attention of western media.  I remember the list of challenges beginning with the pencil test, which actually was a boob test since to hold a pencil beneath your boob requires a c cup minimum. The backlash was that girls who couldn't pass the pencil test started various skinny tests to show that even though they're cup sizes are smaller, at least they're skinnier.

Check out these six Chinese netizen-created skinny challenges of 2016 to see whether you fit the Chinese skinny standard!

1. Can you reach your belly button?

If your waist is skinny enough, you can wrap your arm around your midriff and touch your belly button. 

Cheat: Fat chimpanzees can pass on account of their long arms.

2.  Is your waist as narrow as an A4 paper?

If you can hold a standard A4 paper horizontally against your waist while facing forward and fully cover it, your waist is skinny enough by Chinese standards! 

Cheat: Many would stand sideways or hold the paper at a distance to create the illusion of a paper thin waist.

3. Can you balance coins on your collarbone?

It started with one coin, but soon users were putting entire rolls of coins on their collarbones to show off just how skinny they were.  

Cheat: Roll your shoulder blade forward and zoom in on the coins.

4. Are your knees as wide as an Iphone 6?

When your knees are together, can you cover them fully with your iPhone 6? Then you pass!

Cheat: Have someone else take the shot from a raised angle to create the illusion of covering your knees.

5. Is your wrist so thin you can wrap a RMB 10 note around it?

It began with a challenge to see if your wrist is skinny enough, but ended being an extreme challenge where netizens compared how much of the ten yuan bill they could cover.

Cheat: Tape two RMB 10 bills together and roll it around your wrist.

6. Can you apply lipstick with the opposite arm wrapped around your neck?

Similar to the belly button test, this viral lipstick challenge asks if you can apply makeup with a twist.

Cheat: ...just apply it normally.

And there you have it! China's skinny tests of 2016 with my own suggested cheats, so that you can claim to be "Asian skinny".

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