Sunday, January 2

The Year of Blog Resolutions

Wow. This is the first year I have had to think of separate resolutions (normally I just add to my laundry list from years ago). According to this LA Times article I will never accomplish my laundry list, but instead I should "prioritize" my resolutions so that they are more achievable. What a simple idea and yet so daunting to have to put into practice.

Let me just rewind a little and restart by saying h a p p y n e w y e a r ! I wish you all prosperity, good health, and the only love you'll ever need.

With this blog in mind, I hope to achieve the following:
  • a new layout that may actually feature my picture?
  • perhaps a new name or a new theory behind the name
  • finish my wardrobe list + organize it
  • rid of clothes I haven't worn for 1 year or more (for the record I already donated to our company's Christmas clothing drive, and I will donate 2 more bags of clothing...)
  • purchase 5 pieces of clothing per season
  • play around with 3-30 pieces one of these months....
  • buy that DSLR camera I want :)
  • eat healthier and be better at maintaining my weight
And just to be clear, my normal resolutions for this year are:
  • simplify life
  • be more compassionate
  • earn more/save more money
 What are your new years' resolutions?

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