Monday, December 27

But I want it! J Brand black jeans!

...Or do I?
J Brand 910 Super Skinny Jeans

I tried on this pair at Neiman Marcus outlet on Sunday and I liked them...I really liked the price (50% off $99 = $44.50 + tax)--which is waaaaaay better than the normal $160 price tag.  I've been dreaming of the perfect black denim, but this pair, though it fit well, didn't scream LOVE (the way I imagine it could...?)

I tried on an even better pair about a week ago at a boutique....It was also J Brand, but the inseam was about 29" (too short for me, but I'll take what I can), the price was about $40-50, and the material was oh so soft. I have no idea what it was called (must be from an older collection) but I assure you the only reason I didn't get it was because the size was a few numbers too large. They fit me, yeah, but I was bloated from PMS at the time and will they fit me after a few washes?

Those of you who have purchased J brand before, help me; do the sizes run small or large? Do they stretch a lot? Should I go one size down or buy the perfect fit? The ladies at the boutique couldn't help me so I let go the most wonderful pair of black jeans ever.

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  1. I want a pair of J Brand jeans as well. I spotted a few pairs at Marshalls! But the size was too small and too long for me :/ Darn! The price was like $29.99! ahh! :p

    I wish I could I could tell you how they fit and if they stretch. I really want to know too :p


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