Tuesday, January 11

Review: Lumene Vitamin C+ Radiant Day Cream

As you may have noticed (and if you haven't, you will!) I have a special preference for Lumene products because it is a Finnish brand, which means I trust the brand (more) and everything smells refreshingly like Finland (and it's not just me! yobo says so too!).  If you have ever used The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture cream you will find that Lumene's Vitamin C cream is superior because it is not as greasy (when applying or after) but it has the same effects and can still protect you from the cold dry winter. I know, because back when I was in Finland the Vitamin E Moisture Cream was a recommended moisturizer/primer for winter months. Now I find that with the heater on California is not that far from Finland when it comes to lack of humidity so making winter arrangements is definitely necessary.

For the winter months I have been using these tiny little bottles of day cream that I found at CVS. The entire collection has been on some kind of BUY 1 GET 1 FREE sale so maybe by the time I go through all my reviews you'll be rushing over to buy some too!

This product is said to contain Arctic Cloudberry, and thereby has anti-aging effects. I don't know about cloudberries but I know what Vitamin C does and I think this cream is perfect in brightening one's complexion!

This is actually the third one I'm on...I used the first one months ago, then I bought two and just recently I got two more. What happened was that yobo tested it out one day and discovered he quite likes Vitamin C creams...so now we go through these like crazy....

The Summary:

+ nice refreshing scent
+ moisturizes well (dry skin/dry weather/both)
+ good price (~$4 for 15 ml before discount)
+ well sealed (you know no one stuck their finger in there at the store...hate that)
+ anti-aging effects
+ vitamin C brightens skin
+ vitamin C prevents aging
+ non greasy
+ perfect size for travel or keeping in your purse as back up

- can't find larger equivalent...there is something similar at CVS but it's not clear to me whether it is exactly the same or just...similar

I recommend!

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  1. Anonymous19.2.11

    Thanks for the Lumene review. I just bought it today from the store cause every other product on the shelves was ridiculously priced. So I really had no idea whether it was good or not. Keep reviewing products :-)


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