Tuesday, January 18

Review: Lumene Vitamin C + Energy Cocktail - Serum

My review today is for a product that saved my skin last winter when we were using the heater. Even the humidifier alone couldn't save me...This product came in a much better size back then (the bottle was fatter) and it was discounted at around $12 so I bought it just to check it out. Turned out to be pure bliss on my skin.

It's a weird oil combination that requires some shaking before use. The top part is orange and the bottom part magenta pink, when mixed the solution turns orange (such critical information, eh?).  The price is around...$20-30 ish and it can be purchased at CVS. If you use it day and night it lasts about two months (one squirt at a time), but if your skin is not dry (mine gets dry) I recommend only using it at night in which case it lasts 3-4 months. My calculation is always a little skewed because yobo sometimes squirts a little too.

The basics:

+ nice scent
+ doesn't make you break out even though it's "oily"
+ moisturizes well
+ good packaging (one squirt is perfect for your whole face!)
+ has anti-aging effects (cloudberry and Vitamin C)
+ prevents dry, flaky skin (a problem I sometimes have)

- new packaging not as nice as old packaging
- price (it's pretty decent if you take advantage of their Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off deal)

Overall I think this product is awesome for the winter months if you live in a dry climate and tend to have dry skin. When I stopped using this in the daytime I noticed my foundation did not go on as smoothly (and I do use a primer but it's kind of dry since it has SPF)....So I do recommend this to anyone who has similar skin to mine!

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  1. This products looks great. I love how light serums feel :)


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