Thursday, September 16

MNG by Mango at JCPENNEY

 I was so surprised to see this at JCPenney of all places! I am not a fan of JC Penney but I do <3 Mango! The last time I shopped at Mango was over the winter holidays when I visited family in Finland. They have Mango stores there and in Sweden, which is always great for shopping! If you aren't familiar with Mango, the style is similar to Zara, only a little less professional. See the video here.

The prices at JCPenney aren't to my liking, but that's because I can be really cheap when it comes to shopping. Here are some of my top pics nevertheless:
If you don't have one for the season yet, I think this is a great option! It looks sleek and cute at the same time! Personally I'm more interested in where do they sell brown shoes like that?
They have quite a selection for jackets; gray, blue, black, tan...Different lengths and shapes as well. This is the one I recommend because it's more timeless and you can make it work for any occasion.
And this is the trench I would get if I were long and thin in shape. Only I'm not so I have a much more "fit" version by Guess. This trench is beautiful if you have confidence in your shapes already.
I like all their skinny pants, they would look great with just about any top for work or just to look "smart". This pair is hot this season though, the whole 3/4 length, gray, tweed-like material just screams FALL/WINTER.
Note the unique sleeves! I think this sweater is adorable! Love the detailed sleeve, the little bow tie in front, and the puffy sleeves!
I've been eying animal patterned cardigans for a while now. I think it's a great no-brainer outfit (it matches I got tons of black...) for days when I have no brain. 
If you're into clubbing or cocktail parties, this top is ideal! Look how shiny it is!
And if you're totally not into clubbing, or just like the secretary style, like me, then you'll love this too!
This is pretty cute! Even unbelted it can be worn with a cardigan or something. ;)
Most of their dress/skirts are very work appropriate, or basic (think flanel), but this one stood out to me. It's satin-like and sexy! Would be a great LBD for any formal or evening occasion!
LOVE the color. I really want this for winter. I have similar scarves in black and brown, but I heart scarves. I wear them almost everyday even in this season.
Honestly all of their shoes/boots are great, but this pair's most unique. It's also the most expensive but for real leather--who can blame them?
I think this bag would be great for work/school! It looks large enough to fit everything, and it's just so fashionable I think I could match it with just about everything I own!

I'm seriously thinking about that bag and maybe checking out JCPenney's sales ;P Would you buy MNG by Mango for JCPenney?


  1. I WOULD buy MNG from JCP! :) The prices are pretty steep but they are on top with all other retailers with these items. I especially love the tote and the lace top :)

  2. JCP has definitely stepped it up!

    And an L.A. clothes exchange sounds great!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  3. i love mango and this looks like a great bunch of picks!

  4. The lace top is favorite - so cute, and I am no a huge JC Penney's fan either. And I def support the leopard cardigan. I've got one and it's a surprisingly versatile piece you'll be able to work in with your office attire. And . . . I tagged you for an award! Check out how it works on my blog:)

  5. love the clothes! everything is .92 haha


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