Sunday, September 19

"Is it 5:00 yet?" Office Questionnaire

I grabbed this from Renee from The Thrifty Poet because all I seem to do lately is work anyway (six days a week of waking up and thinking what am I going to wear today?)

What is your must-have office snack? 
I bring a variety of snacks to work, but I try to bring stuff that doesn't make noise when I chew (this is crucial if you're on hold on the phone or not trying to attract attention to yourself). Some of the stuff I took this week include raisins (I'm a little anemic so iron is always good) and dried pineapple/papaya.

How many cups of coffee do you drink every morning?
I try to stick to one little cup, but I'm used to drinking one big mug of coffee so I allow myself a second little cup. The plan would be to bring a big travel mug to work for the colder months (for tea) and since I keep breaking mine (translation: yobo broke my Starbucks one, and his own) I've been eying this one:

It retails for about $6.99 at Marshall and comes in white, pink, and stripes ;P

Caf or decaf?
...WTH is decaf? Hah. That's like the medicine I take when I'm sick. Unheard of. I'm a full time caffeine addict.

What’s your favorite lunch spot when eating out?
What I do is I wait till around 2PM so I can enjoy a quiet meal, but if I'm starving I walk out, take the back entrance (stairs) up to the top floor and eat at the staircase. One of these days I might even be bothered to climb to the rooftop.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear to the office?

Black slacks, some sort of top, blazer/jacket and some jewelry to complement. Maybe. I try to be a minimalist at work. Less thinking in the morning = good for me.

Do you keep a sweater at work at all times?
I used to keep a black sweater at work (now it's in the car) because I suck at remembering stuff like this in the morning. Even today I was freezing in the office because the AC is so ...high.

Whose style do you most admire at work and why?
The ladies in the other building, whom I don't see everyday, but whenever I do they are all so finely dressed! Today I saw one of them with this feathery vest! Looked like mini peacock feathers! It sounds tacky, but it looked classy on her ;D
Alice & Olivia @ Shopbop for $396

What are the worst office fashion faux-pas?
Well, we have a dress code so it's not that bad, but we also have casual Fridays.  I'm not going to point any fingers or draw pictures in your mind, but let's just say I think regardless of the day wearing leggings with a normal length top is inappropriate for work.

Do you go with reusable or paper/plastic for your lunch sack?
...I don't make my lunches, or my snacks so I don't know if this applies? I used to have tupperware for lunch but that was when I still managed to cook.

Do you listen to music at work? If so, what?
I don't. Other people do and that's bad enough. Sometimes I might request a song or two when I get used to the flow.

What’s your desk d├ęcor like?
I don't really get to have "desk decor" at this point. At our office my boss prefers a clean professional look, which means nothing on your desk.  

What is your work or office-style like?


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