Friday, July 2

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

A while back Jennifer posted about Zoya's limited time Nail polish Exchange on her blog, and I had meant to post this earlier, but I had some issues deciding on which nail polishes to recycle. Unfortunately the summer promotion is already over, but in a nutshell I can explain to you that Zoya's polishes are toxin free (don't quote me, but this is how I understood it), and so they will exchange a minimum of six of your (toxic) polishes for full size, brand new ones, just for the price of shipping!  On Amazon Zoya's polishes go for about $7/bottle (more in stores, I believe), but with this offer I got each polish for $3.50 (total order was $21)! Good deal eh?

So these are the bottles that I'm sending in to Zoya:
1. OPI nailpolish I got from Ebay that ended up spilling on the way, plus the color wasn't too flattering (I was going for reddish brown but this was the wrogn tone.
2&3. Milani nailpolishes (one is bright yellow, which I use for my toes, and the other is a light pink), which I really don't like. The formula is too watery and you need about 3 layers to get the right color. They also chip very easily so I always regret putting on the pink the very next day (sometimes on the same day!), hence why  I'm ridding of them even though I've barely used them.
4-6. Icing metallic gold, purple and (nonmetallic) bright yellow. These I actually quite like, for my toes mainly, but they are very old (how long can you use nail polish?), and small, and ridiculously hard to remove (which translates to less chipping, but still).

Overall processing and shipping took a little more than a week, and the package arrived a few days ago with a brochure of all 300 of their color options.  I had a really hard time choosing colors online, but I want to wear these (nontoxic) nail polishes more than others, so I opted for colors that are more neutral, and that I can wear all year long (regardless of season or my skin tone). So here's what I got:
Three purple tones:
1.  401 Lyric (more reddish)
2. 458 Zara (blueish)
3. 193 Deidra (more grayish)
4. 492 Penny (for my toes :D)
5. 317 Fawne
6. 035 Dulcinea (perfect for daily use!)

So far I'm quite pleased with what I've received, I will hopefully have time to review one of them this weekend!

Happy Friday/Weekend! :D:D:D

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