Thursday, July 1

California Dreaming~~

One of the things I've found myself doing lately is dreaming of a new job, of more income, and most importantly: what I can buy with that new income.  Of course I have credit card bills to pay and I plan on saving more money (maybe opening a retirement account sometime soon), but there are certain things that I want now that I simply cannot afford to buy.  Since I've been job hunting for a month already (it's been going well enough, been contacted by a handful of companies for interviews) such dreams are kind of what keep me going.  Because really, job hunting is not fun; going to interviews is stressful, and worrying about whether a job is at my reach is definitely the worst. So as another week has gone by I'm going to keep dreaming to maintain morale, and in case if you are in need of a positivity boost for the weekend I thought I would share!

When I find a new job... (you can replace with a bonus, or whatever you like)

- I'm going to buy myself a Nikon DS camera
- Invest in a vintage luxury purse (like Gucci)
- Go on a 3-10 cruise with yobo~!
- Buy a new cell phone! (mine keeps dying, this morning too it just shut down on it's own for no reason)

- Finally make that (romantic) trip to Catalina Island with just yobo and I.

Toe-Tied Shoe Clips
$42 -
More shoes »
Theory Arrian Shirt
$190 -

Bedouin Scarf
30 GBP -

- Miscellaneous T-T I really want black shirts now, I can just imagine them with my white pants and black blazer. Hm. Maybe I should get a white blazer?

What are you dreaming of?


  1. I want a SLR too! Damn them for being so expensive!

  2. What a cool cell phone! Yes, I would invest in a nice camera or a classic bag :)

    I hope the job hunting stops soon and you find a nice job! :D It's hard because Socal is so competitive but you can do it! :D


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