Tuesday, July 13

Coffee House (Korean Drama) Inspiration

Over the weekend my friend encouraged me to watch Coffee House TV drama, and I started watching it yesterday after my job interview (I was bored and I haven't watched a drama in a long time).
See that girl on the left with the oversized boyfriend blazer and rolled up khaki shorts? She's my new inspiration! Since this is an on-going (new) drama the fashion she wears is very "in"!
See her shoes? I have a similar pair! I just haven't been able to figure out what to wear it with! Now I know~~~
I did my hair like this today :) I noticed that she just pins her hair up in the middle, then she "buns" the rest with a hair clip in the office. When she leaves, she just lets her hair down and it's pretty and wavy like in this picture!

Unfortunately she's not the "main girl" of the drama, so there's less of her than the other girl (whom I don't like). I don't think she's amazingly pretty (yet she was Miss Korea in 2000), but she is different looking and her style in the show is wonderfully business casual (she's the president of her publishing company), which I love! I've seen her before in "Fox Family" (also Korean drama).


  1. i like her style too jess! i live on shorts! hahaha! i want to watch coffee house now. :D

  2. I love the way they dress :D It seems like lots of little clothes!

  3. Anonymous15.8.10

    actually she is the main girl in the drama. i agree, i like her style too.

  4. Anonymous - Actually I've been watching the drama, am half way through, and she is not the main girl in the drama. o.o;

  5. Anonymous29.8.10

    I've seen the ending, I would say she and the other girl are BOTH leads, though one can really argue Park Shi Yeon is the lead girl.


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