Monday, July 12

But I want it! More organic skincare!

It's time for me to buy a new face cream to transition into again, and I decided I'm going to stick with almost-organic/organic products.  I had a serum in reserve, but it made me break out so I bought the same serum I recently reviewed for about $15 online, and I bought Lavera's Calendula Balancing cream for Normal/Combo skin for about the same:

Seeing it on the website, it's apparently for daytime use, so I now have to hunt for a night time moisturizer as well...

Instead of doing that, however, two things caught my eye:
1. Tinted moisturizer for $21
...I'll probably want this soon. When I no longer have so many foundations...

2. Did you know that US skincare companies are not required to list all ingredients? But in Europe they are. So want to know what you cosmetics have? Look it up from a European site!

Lavera's the brand of mascara and eyeliner I use at the moment, by the way. It's a well established brand even though I haven't seen much of it sold in stores (Wholefoods, maybe?). If any of you have tried their hair products I am very interested.

And I would be interested in their sunscreen too, except I just recently purchased an "organic" mineral one (SPF20) by Nature's Gate (which I understood is a local company). And even though it retails for $9.99 with only 2.5 stars, I got it for 99 cents so for now I am satisfied. It goes on dry like Neutrogena, doesn't have a strong scent, and didn't make me tan much.
How do you feel about supporting local brands?

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