Friday, June 25

Review: RAW Skincare Ambiaty Facial Cream

 I got this RAW Skincare organic face cream from BeautyFix (if you remember my post) and "loved it the moment it touched my face". It's supposed to be 100% organic, admittedly their website is not that convincing (it looks like a scam, quite honestly), but their product certainly has been good for me so I'll ignore it for now.  I wouldn't say that it does much anti-aging, although it reads "revitalizing". Rather, it feels cool on your skin, very "moist", and the first week or two I used it I was completely amazed  by how smooth my skin became. It was almost as if someone just put silicon on my face (like a primer)!

The box has a good organic feel to it. It is 30ml and I have been using it for about a month now, with no complaints. I use it day and night (with a separate SPF for daytime) and even though I tend to get dry skin at night I have had no such problems with this product. 

 I'm about half way through, so we'll see in another month if my skin will "deteriorate" and "miss" the product (which is the claim with brands like La Mer, that claim to revitalize and moisturize at the same time).  This product evidently uses Ambiaty, acai extract, myrtle extract, hibiscus extract, brassicaceae extract, and andiroba oil. The company that produces this product seems to be from the Netherlands. 

I found from The Best Wrinkle Creams a review on this product that had more details such as the price ($130!) and a complete list of ingredients! There is a free 30 day trial available, but it is for the serum and the eye cream, neither of which is the product that I am using.  If I ever manage to find this product on the market, I will let you know, meanwhile Beautyfix is sure to have it.


  1. what an interesting product! i've never heard of this brand before i'm going to check out other stuff they carry :) thanks for entering my giveaway btw!

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