Tuesday, June 8

I'm baaack~~~~

And finals are over (or actually my night class final is tonight but I don't know what to study so I'm typing this instead)! I'm so happy :D

Lately it's all been about...
Studying on campus....(That's the only Guess bag I own btw)
Oh, I know, you're wondering about the silicon thingy, well I bought a new one:
And if you're lazy like me (or you've destroyed a laptop before by pouring water over the keyboard x.x) then this is for you! The first one I had wouldn't stay in place so after half a year I figured it was time for a change and I got this for about $3.50 on Ebay :D It's really great, keeps all the crumbs at bay, makes typing more silent in class, and on top of it all I've already poured water on it once and it's kept dry!
I finally found time to go to the post office  in person to pick up all my packages (since I'm never at home and for some reason even with my signing the slip they won't let anyone else pick them up. so silly) and the package from my Mom! It includes fake nails, nail crystals + tweezers, nail art brushes, nail glue, a sparkling headband thingy, and a Classic Pooh hair clip (fyi I <3 Classic Pooh). Oh! And also:
Pretty cocktail ring! Sorry about the picture quality though XD I was so excited that I took these pictures as soon as I got them!

And if you've wondered how I've kept myself from dying from boredom while avoiding this blog (I did check my followers & comments though, I now have 51 followers YAY!) and Google Reader...Well, I've been chatting on Chictopia and getting a little more attention than before, and also playing various Facebook games (one is a ninja game, one is Zoo World, and one is a strategy game which is what I'm most addicted to at the moment).

Now, I also picked up some other packages so keep posted! Starting tomorrow I'll be catching up on all your blog posts so expect comments!


  1. Welcome back!! :) Glad that finals are over!! I hope you aced them all! The keyboard protector is something I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few months ago, I spilled tea in my laptop keyboard and everything started malfunctioning. I turned it off not knowing what else to do, and when i turned it back on, it was smoking! LOL Luckily, the laptop somehow didn't die and now I'm left using an external keyboard because the keys on the keyboard are all messed up :p When i get a new laptop, I'll keep in mind to order a keyboard protector on Ebay! :)

  2. Yay! Finally, huh?!? Hope you're enjoying your summer vaca now!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. I've never seen a keyboard protector like that before - how cool!

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