Thursday, June 10

I have a girl crush~~

There is this girl on campus whom I really admire envy like. She always looks very stylish in this European aristocratic (equestrian) way (my preference) with her different sized LV bags, her tall riding boots, and generally expensive looking clothes.  She is everything I've wanted to be since I was a child; blonde (looks dyed though), blue eyed, tanned (though sometimes she looks slightly orange), tall, and slim. She has a model's physique and the face of a Swede. I don't know why this is ideal for me (maybe it was growing up in Finland?) but this is what catches my eye on campus and I've seen her many times throughout the quarter.

And it's not like we don't have other stylish students on campus. We have 25K students here and I see a lot of pretty girls who look really cool or put together or even cute, but in my three years on campus she's the only one who I focus on in a way that the rest of the world goes gray.  She is not what I would call beautiful, but she looks stunning behind her oversized Dior sunglasses, the cool air around her, and how she exudes superiority with every inch of her.

I think that it's crushes like these that help us understand what our personal definition of beauty is, what do you think?

Oh, and do take this seduction test, it was amusing (but 40 questions didn't kill much time for me).



  1. hi jess! thanks! i prefer cute and fashionable ladies, rather than those who look super posh and intimidating. hehe. must be the asian in me. :)

  2. I like seeing the classic ladies who don't look too trendy but know what looks good on them despite what magazines or the runways say!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog


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