Tuesday, June 29

How to Look Good Naked (TV show review)

How many of you have watched this show on Lifetime? It features Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (if you recall ;D) instead of Gok Wan from the original British version (channel 4).  From the few episodes I have watched online (free full episodes on lifetime!) I've noticed that the show is primarily in Santa Monica, CA (close to me), and each episode has the same structure and fashion tips.

Basically, in each episode they do the following:

1. Question the woman's self-esteem by having her dress down to her underwear and point out what she doesn't like about her body.

2. Do a test in which a woman compares herself to other women of similar size and then show her that her perception is distorted (she is actually not that fat, or she is actually not that wide, etc.)

3. Show her the results of putting a (really large) picture of her half-naked body in public (usually video interviews) wherein someone always compliments her body.

4. Prove how dressing differently can make a woman look more confident, more "fit", etc.

5. Shop for new lingerie, highlighting how "good bras" don't create "rolls" on your back (true).

6. Shop for new clothes that emphasize curves.

7. Pampering, usually a facial or microdermabrasion for the skin.

8. Hair and makeup makover.

9. Posing naked in front of camera as proof of newly developed confidence.

10. Posting nude picture in public for everyone to see and have the woman interview people to see what they think of her.

Now, I think the only useful advice in this show is the "what type of bra you should buy" section, which really is only a few minutes long and gets repeated in every episode (you only need to see a couple to have it memorized).  The rest depends entirely on your body type (if you have the same body "problem areas" as the woman featured then you would be more interested than if you didn't), and of course how you relate to the woman with low self-esteem.  In other words it's more of a "makeover" show than a "how to look good naked" show. What do you think of it? Do you watch it?

**Note: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think in the UK version focuses more on problem areas of the person such as too much hair, getting rid of scars, etc. I haven't noticed the US version to have this.

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