Tuesday, May 18

Mario Badescu Skincare Review

I think I mentioned a while back that I received this set after seeing Jenny review it on her blog ("The Skinnies").  After the last review I needed to take a break and sink back to my old stuff so I actually used this set when we first moved and I couldn't find all my cosmetics.  Some of these I'm still using, like the mask, but I think I've had them in use long enough to do a review.
 I thought it was cute that they had instructions on how to use their products XD

Enzyme Cleansing Gel - This ran out in like three days because yobo used it too. He said it's very good by which he means that he feels "clean" afterwards (this is prerequisite for cleansers, that he feels squeaky clean and non-oily afterward). I think it was good because it wasn't too "strong" but I wasn't too fond of the air freshner scent.

Special Cucumber Lotion - I love this. I think I may buy this next (when I finally run out of toner, that is) as even though I didn't use a cotton piece with it (first I couldn't find them, and then I realized that yobo used them up while I was wondering) I felt really refreshed. It's a similar feeling to the Cucumber toner by Kiehls--except maybe better? I've used up a few bottles of the one by Kiehls and it doesn't compare to this tiny bottle of yellow stuff! It's alcohol-free too :D

Hyarulonic Eye Cream - Not sure what to say about this, not finished with it yet and even though I've pushed it for yobo to use he can't say he feels any different with it. I think it's quite average...

Cucumber Tonic Mask - This was not bad.  I don't usually feel much with cucumber masks (in general) but I do realize that they're supposed to be hydrating and refreshing. Not sure if this is either so I wouldn't recommend it.

Collagen Moisturizer (SPF 15) - I had yobo try this for me since I didn't want to use anything with "collagen". He said the sample was too small for him to tell the difference. I sneaked some on me once but it wasn't extraordinary so I can't say either.

Kiwi Face Scrub - I still have this left, so I'm still using it as my "light" scrub (I alternate between "heavy" scrubs and "light" scrubs so that each gets used only once a week).  It's quite mild, a little goes a long way, and it doesn't hurt much. I do feel "cleaner" than if I had just used face wash so it does work, I think maybe I just prefer having more "seeds" to scrub my face. 

So overall I recommend the toner & the gel cleanser! To get your own sample, head over to Mario Badescu's Website and complete their skin survey. You'll then receive an email asking you if you want to try their samples (mine went into SPAM so you might want to check your spam folder). They also have this brand in stores like Nordstrom so maybe I'll head over there for their acne scar stuff (samples!).

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  1. I have received the samples too, but I haven't tried them yet!


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