Wednesday, May 19

Getting to Know Your Wardrobe

Before moving I had set up a goal for myself, which was to list every piece of clothing I own.  I got this idea from my high school best friend, who used to write lists of everything she owned and everything she didn't own but needed (the so-called "gaps" in one's closet).  I'm also a list-whore, it's just been daunting to try listing my own clothing arsenal so reducing the amount of clothes I own should make this an easier task, and eventually will make the goal of shopping my closet easier as well.  My eventual goal is to have pieces that match with numerous other pieces, AND that everything is flattering. I don't want so-so pieces in my closet, I want fabulous pieces in my closet.

I think I may extend this to shoes and jewelry. I've been trying to get rid of some shoes too (sold one pair of golden pumps a few weeks ago!).
So my question is, how many pieces of each clothing do you think is the norm? How many pairs of pants, jeans, khakis should one own? How bout skirts? Dresses? Tops? T-shirts? Long-sleeves? Sweaters? Cardigans?

...See what I mean? Isn't this tough? How much is too much?

- I'll be posting a series examining my wardrobe with the goal of attacking on genre per week! 
- First round of PIF will end Memorial Day weekend, at which point I will be donating a bag to Goodwill (as they so kindly confirmed that I can). Those of you who have emailed me regarding additional info: bare with me!
- I've updated the "just me" page with my current skincare routine (so it turns out pale face = Pond's whitening cream, not entirely due to illness as I'm fine now and yobo pointed out that I'm so "white")